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Moti Mala

Moti Mala

Represents Moon, Eliminates Negative Thoughts, Avoids Depression and Brings Stability in Thoughts

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    Abhimantrit Process

    Abhimantrit Moti Mala

    Abhimantrit Moti Mala symbolizes the Moon. In astrology, the Moon has been said to be the benefactor of Mind and Thoughts. When a person wears a Moti Mala, overthinking and negative thoughts are eliminated. Prosperity and Wealth are easily attracted with Moti Mala made from Pearl Beads and Maa Lakshmi is also easily pleased. If a person wants Fame, Money and Love, then he must wear Moti Mala.

    This Moti Mala will be abhimantrit or energized in the Navgrah Mandir Prayagraj.

    The magnificent Navgrah Mandir is completely carved out of marble, and is situated near the holy Sangam of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati in Prayagraj. The idols of All 9 Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have been established here with the help of Vedic rituals. The malefic impact of all Navagrahas can be removed by participating in Puja here. The idols have been established according to the colour of the Planets. The idols of Lord Shiva, Shri Ram and Shri Vishnu on Kshira Sagara and Maa Lakshmi are also established in the Temple. Prayer made for the Resolution of all Horoscope Doshas in this Temple is always fulfilled.

    Benefits of wearing Abhimantrit Moti Mala

    Person's thoughts start remaining stable

    Helps to eliminate disorientation in life 

    Gain financial benefit

    Increase in Wealth 

    Positive Thoughts

    Life starts moving forward in the right direction

    Removes negative thoughts

    Eliminates Depression

    What is Moti Mala?

    A rosary made of pure pearls is called as Moti Mala. It is made entirely of natural pearls, which are found in the Sea or Ocean. These are white in color, and directly represents the Moon. When Devotee wears Moti Mala, Devotees' desires are fulfilled. By wearing it, a person's thoughts become stable and his attraction power increases. Negative thoughts are also eliminated.

    Why should Moti Mala be used?

    Pearls are obtained directly from the sea and contain many types of positive and negative energies. When Moti Mala made from these pearls is invoked, the power of Lord Shiva and the Moon is infused into it through various mantras, which increases its positive energy. During the process of Abhimantrit, Abhishek of Moti Mala is performed with Ganga water. Incense sticks, Diya and Naivedya are offered. Mantras of the respective deities and planets are chanted in front of it by Acharyas and Pandits, so that the person wearing it gains its full benefits. There is no benefit of wearing the Moti Mala, which is not Abhimantrit. Therefore, DevDham recommends all its customers to buy the Abhimantrit Moti Mala from DevDham online store to avoid fraud. DevDham will also provide video of Abhimantrit process of Yantra to Devotees.

    Why buy this Moti Mala from DevDham only?

    After testing in many labs, this Mala is offered to the Temples and is consecrated by DevDham. You can also watch video of Abhimantrit process. Our Acharya energises each Mala with special mantras, so that it can spread its energy in the surroundings where it is kept and provide quick results to the person keeping it. We also send you the complete video of its invocation, so that you can use it with complete confidence and gain its benefits.

    Who can wear this Moti Mala?

    Anyone can wear this Moti Mala, however, if there is any defect related to the Moon in your horoscope or you repeatedly have negative or depressing thoughts, then you should wear this Abhimantrit Moti Mala.

    What do you have to do once you receive the Moti Mala?

    If you order Moti Mala for yourself, then before wearing it, you should chant Lord Shiva's Panchakshar Mantra Om Namah Shivay 108 times along with Chandra Dev Mantra Om Som Somaya Namah before wearing it. After wearing this Moti Mala, you should do as much good karma as possible. You should take off your Moti Mala while going to natural calls or going to the cremation ground. Even if it is worn accidentally, wash it again with pure water and wear it after chanting the Panchakshar Mantra.

    In how many days will you receive this Moti Mala?

    After receiving your order, Abhimantrit Mala is again energised by offering to Mahadev Shiva in your name and sent to you through a reputed courier service. You will receive your order within 14 business days in India.