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Shukra Yantra

Shukra Yantra

Helps in attaining Luxurious Life, Success in Love Life and Relationships, Buying Real Estate and Car

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    Abhimantrit Process

    Abhimantrit Shukra Yantra and Its Associated Temple

    Shukra Yantra is considered to be the most powerful pathway to attract luxurious life and abundance. In Astrology, Venus is considered to be the bestower of Love, Opulence, Wealth, Car and House. Due to the positive influence of Shukra Yantra, all these desires of attaining material wealth are fulfilled. This Yantra is also considered to be most effective for strengthening Relationships and attaining Happiness. If you desire Fame, Name, Money and Luxurious Life, then you must leverage the energy of
    Shukra Yantra.

    This special Yantra will be Abhimantrit in Navgrah Mandir Prayagraj.

    The magnificent Navgrah Mandir is completely carved out of marble, and is situated near the holy Sangam of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati in Prayagraj. The idols of All 9 Planets: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu have been established here with the help of Vedic rituals. The malefic impact of all Navagrahas can be removed by participating in Puja here. The idols have been established according to the colour of the Planets. The idols of Lord Shiva, Shri Ram and Shri Vishnu on Kshira Sagara and Maa Lakshmi are also established in the Temple. Prayer made for the Resolution of all Horoscope Doshas in this Temple is always fulfilled.

    Benefits of Shukra Yantra

    Removes the inauspicious effects of Venus in the horoscope
    Attracts Opulence and Happiness in life
    Helps to receive blessings of Maa Lakshmi
    Opens up Multiple Sources of Income
    Dream of owning House and Car change to Reality
    Resolves issues in Relationships
    Helps get Success in Love Life

    What is Yantra? How does this work?

    Many types of Yantra are used in worship of various Gods and Goddesses to obtain special results. These Yantra are a type of special geometric structure, which form a shape by combining different types of lines, squares, circles, marks and points. These are created completely according to the sacred ancient scriptures. According to some beliefs, Yantras represent the energy of the universe. The literal meaning of Yantra is a machine, which works by using some kind of energy. In the Hindu Vedic scriptures, it is believed that it is possible to accomplish any kind of work with the help of Yantras. It is also believed that Devotee can live a positive life by seeking energy from these Yantras. These Yantras work quickly and provide results instantly.

    Why should Yantra be abhimantrit or consecrated?

    According to Vedic traditions, the Yantra symbolises the divine energy of the universe. It is clear from its name that it works instantly like a machine and spreads its energy in all directions, but it is necessary to energise it before Yantra starts giving benefits to Devotees as during the creation of Yantra, both positive and negative energy are manifested inside Yantra. When the Yantra gets abhimantrit through various mantras, the power of the Deity and Planet that the Yantra is representing is infused into it. Also, its positive energy is increased. During the process of Abhimantrit, Abhishek of Yantra is performed with Ganga water. Incense sticks, Diya and Naivedya are also offered. Acharyas and Pandits chant the Mantras of the deities and planets related to that Yantra in front of it, so that the Devotee ordering for Yantra gets its full benefits. There is no benefit of keeping the Yantra, which is not Abhimantrit. Therefore, DevDham recommends all its customers to buy the Siddha Yantra from DevDham online store to avoid fraud. DevDham will also provide video of Abhimantrit process of Yantra to Devotees.

    Why buy this Abhimantrit Yantra from DevDham only?

    After testing in many labs, this Yantra is offered to the Temples and is consecrated by DevDham. You can also watch video of Abhimantrit process. Our Acharya energises each Yantra with special mantras, so that it can spread its energy in the surroundings where it is kept and provide quick results to the person keeping it. We also send you the complete video of its invocation, so that you can use it with complete confidence and gain its benefits.

    Who can keep the Shukra Yantra?

    Anyone can keep and worship Shukra Yantra in the house. This energised Yantra spreads positivity in the surroundings with its energy. By worshiping Shukra Yantra, obstacles related to Happiness, Prosperity, Wealth and Love are removed and one leads a Successful Life.

    What do you have to do once you receive the Yantra?

    If you get Shukra Yantra for yourself, then you should worship Lord Shiva and Maa Lakshmi before keeping it in your Home Temple. This Yantra should be placed on a white cloth. Every day it should be anointed with Ganga water and an incense lamp should be lit in front of it.

    In how many days will you receive this Yantra?

    After receiving your order, Abhimantrit Yantra is again energised by offering to Mahadev Shiva, Shukra and Maa Lakshmi in your name and sent to you through a reputed courier service. You will receive your order within 14 business days in India.